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BHS ROC-90 St. Kitts



Founded: 1990

Owner: Victor Williams


Areas of expertise: 
Scholarship,Mentorship, Education, philanthropy, and fundraising.

The individuals of this initial group are affectionately known to each other as ‘Rockers’ and refer to the students as ‘Rockets’. The Students refer to the initial ROC-90 group members as ‘Aunt’ and ‘Uncle’.   ROC-90 is more than a scholarship. ROC-90 is a FAMILY.

The scholarship has grown through its years, undertaking a total of thirty six (36) scholars to this day, most of which are following right in the footsteps of the initial group of aunts and uncles, as scholars have evolved into various professional disciplines, some of which include Doctors,
 lawyers, Architects, Journalists, Computer Specialist, Bankers and Accountants right down
 to aspirations towards being the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis’ first female Prime Minister.

 The scholarship through its years has also partnered with individuals and businesses who share the same vision and mindset as it pertains to education. These sponsors have always been encouraged by the positive impact their contributions have had on these students and have continued their steady support over the years.

 ROC-90 only grants scholarships to students of the Basseterre High School.

Student Dinner - May 2019
Students are taken to a high end restaurant where they are taught to Stand and Deliver through the practice of public speaking. The students are also guided on the ways of fine dining and Pillar in the Community is always on had to give pep talk to the students,.

Independence Dinner- September -2019
Every year we celebrate the Independence of St. Kitts & Nevis with a dinner where our students are shown the importance of Patriotism and Nation Building to which they are expected to play their role in.

ROC90 Family Fun DAY
This is the day where the Family of the Students as well as the Family of the ROC members come together with a potluck style luncheon and we just interact with each other and have fun in a less formal setting,